Go&Learnet KONIA

The catalogue of seminars in company of the Konia region proposes a set of study visits in company for profesisonal guidance or adjournement. The seminars are targeted to teachers and trainers or experts who carry out teaching activities.


The catalogue contains a sheet describing each company adhering to the initiative, For each company there is a descriptor for each seminar (one or more) that can be delivered in that company.

For each seminar you'll find the description of the content, lenght, speaker, calendar af editions. Usually the companies host four semianars per year. 


The current catalogue is reserved to the partners of the Go&Learnet project  (LLP 2013 Italia).



List of circuits

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List of seminars

Seminar Company Next edition Length
Inclusion of Society into Vocational Training and Production S.S. Kones Toplumsal Üretim Mesleki Eğitim ve Küçük Sanat Kooperatifi - 4 h
Innovations in Agricultural Machinery Anıl Yatağanlı A.Ş - 5 h
Machine and Metal Industry MİKRON-İŞ Makine ve Metal San.Tic.Ltd.Şti - 4 h
Quality and Trust in Agricultural Machinery Tekyatağanlı Tarım Makineleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. - 4 h
Treyler Manufacturing Serin Treyler - 3 h

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