Go&Learnet FVG

The Go&Learnet catalogue of training circuits and stand-alone seminars of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region is a collection of study visits in compnay dedicated to teachers and trainers.


The activities are funded by the Go&Learnt piloting (4 circuits to be carried out within the end of June 2015) and by the regional specific program 12 of the ESF FVG 2007-13 (4 circuits to be carried out within the end of 2014).


The training offer is made by a catalogue of "circuits" (i.e. a cluster of 3 to 6 study visits in different companies, joined by a common theme) and a set of "stand.alone" seminars. The circuits foresee an initial meeting to illustrate the circuit rationale and the companies to be visited, the a reflective module at the end to verify what has been learned and to give feed back to the circuit organizers.The single seminars include the reflective module in the last part of the visit. Teachers can enroll individually to the seminars, while the request for a circuit shoud be submitted by a school or training institution for a whole group of teachers.


Detailed information are available about each company and each seminar (one company can propose more than one different seminar) inside the information sheets available in the website.


For further informations and enrolling requests please contact: a.polo@enaip.fvg.it.



List of circuits

Circuit Sector Next edition
Come si modifica la manifattura: lean production in FVG mechanics -
Valorization of the territory, culture and agro-food production of the FVG region agro-food production -

List of seminars

Seminar Company Next edition Length
Application of the principles of lean production Modulblok - 4 h
Being winemakers in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region Adriano Gigante S.s.a. - 2 h
Computing and communication technologies innovative solutions Eurotech - 2 h
Elettra Sincrotrone - scoperta economica Elettra Sincrotrone - 2 h
Expressing a territory through the wine Lis Neris - 2 h
Hospitality and tourist accommodation in a mountain community Albergo Ristorante Riglarhaus - 2 h
Il gruppo Fincantieri Fincantieri - 1 h
Il processo nave in Fincantieri: dalla trattativa a fine garanzia Fincantieri - 2 h
La gestione della non autosufficienza e delle persone anziane fragili in struttura protetta La Quiete - 4 h
Lean Awareness: first steps to manufacturing efficiency Lean Experience Factory scarl - 2 h
Lean production: lay-out reorganization Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.a. - 2 h
Lean production: riorganizzazione del lay-out Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.a. - 2 h
Scienza e impresa il connubio vincente Ditenave - 2 h
Sensory analysis of Prosciutto crudo of San Daniele Consorzio del Prosciutto di San Daniele - 4 h
The evolution of the industrial automation in the precision mechanics: from automation to lean production Tecnogroup srl/LeanProducts srl - 2 h
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): how this application works within the company organization Brovedani Group - 2 h
Tourism ICT Innovation Bo.Di - 2 h
Visit to the Science and Technology Park of Udine Friuli Innovazione - 4 h
Wholegrain Beer of Sauris Sauris Agri Beer S.a.s. di Sandro Petris & C. - 2 h

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