Valorization of territory, culture and local agro-food production

The circuit includes a visit to institutions and companies that have been able to interpret the territory, enhancing its culture and flavours, and becoming a reference point for the local tourism and agri-food production.

During the visits the following topics will be addressed:

  • valorization of the territory and of local products like cheese, ham, oil and beer
  • presentation and tasting of agri-food products
  • charcuterie techniques, sensory analysis, ham seasoning techniques
  • agri-food certifications
  • tourist accommodation and valorization of local culture through hospitality



The companies are located in the province of Udine, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The circuit starts with the visit to San Daniele area, with a presentation of the territory and  its typical agri-food products.

The agrofood Park of San Daniele  is situated on an area of 197 sq km with a population of about 27.000 residents. The natural boundaries of this area are located to the south, where the plains of Central Friuli lie, to the west with the river Tagliamento, and to the east where we can find the towns of Moruzzo, Colloredo di Monte Albano and Majano.


The production of prosciutto of San Daniele has been developing right in this area that includes the Municipality of San Daniele del Friuli. Located along the course of the river Tagliamento this area stretches for about 34 sq km.

The particular morphology of this territory favours constant and special climate conditions, neither too humid nor too dry.

The environment is particularly suggestive: extensive broad-leaved woods with oaks, locust-trees, ash and chestnut trees, hornbeams, grass areas, corn and grain cultivations together with streams and channels which flow into the river Tagliamento and the torrent Corno, characterize the environment of this area.

Surrounded by suggestive hills, San Daniele is one of the most beautiful towns of the region, thanks to the beauty of its historical buildings and natural landscapes.



The tour continues with a visit to Sauris. Situated in the mountain area of Carnia near a splendid artificial lake (one of the largest artificial lakes in Friuli) formed by the damming of the torrent Lumiei, Sauris is a small summer and winter tourist resort, known especially for the production of the famous prosciutto of Sauris IGP, the speck of Sauris and the whole grain beer called Zahre beer.


The circuit lasts five days, with a maximum of two visits per day. Tasting is included during the visits. Lunch will be organized at restaurants that valorize typical regional products.

Transport from one location to another is provided by minibus. We recommend comfortable clothing, especially during the visits to Sauris, where short walks (weather permitting) will be organized to discover the surrounding area.

Maximum number of group components: 8
Cost: -

List of seminars

Seminar Company Length
Discovering the territory and its agri-food productions Parco Agro-Alimentare di San Daniele S.c.a r.l. 2 h
Ham preparation and seasoning techniques Prosciuttificio Wolf Sauris S.p.A. 2 h
Hospitality and tourist accommodation in a mountain community Albergo Ristorante Riglarhaus 2 h
Sensory analysis of Prosciutto crudo of San Daniele Consorzio del Prosciutto di San Daniele 2 h
The protection, enhancement, promotion, distribution and support of quality olive cultivation. Oil sensory assessment. Istituto tecnico agrario statale di Cividale 3 h
Wholegrain Beer of Sauris Sauris Agri Beer S.a.s. di Sandro Petris & C. 2 h

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