The history of wine

During the seminar participants will have the opportunity to visit the cellar, built with traditional materials and a wooden roof. The interior was built with advanced techniques with only stainless steel barrels, wooden barrels and barriques, plant and cold bottling plant.
The second part will be devoted to the visit of wine museum, that consists of a permanent exhibition, organized by thematic criteria and reconstruction of environments, of artifacts related to viticulture, production, storage and wine tasting. The museum is divided into three sections: a collection of containers for wine, ages, and backgrounds different materials; history of viticulture and glass, modern winery and vineyards. Inside the museum. Inside the museum it is also possible to see a printing for labels, the cooper's workshop, the workshop for the cork industry, the cellar, the tavern, the laboratory of the weights and measures of the wine, the distillery, the workshop of the master glassmaker - all reconstructed with objects and materials of the era.

Type of seminar: Discovery visit
Training company: Vigneti Pietro Pittaro
Catalogue: EU Circuits FVG REGION
Company speaker: Stefano Trinco, Jenny Pez
Lenght: 2 h