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The Azienda Agricola Gigante took its first steps in 1957 when grandfather Ferruccio, who was a miller but whose real passion was farming, bought the estate with a vineyard of Tocai from which he produced the first wine. During the 1980s it was Arturo’s son, Adriano, who took over the winery, choosing a peacock as a symbol of the winery, and launching the first bottles on the market.


Located at an altitude ranging from 100 to 350 metres, the estate belongs to the Eastern Hills Doc Zone, which extends north-east along the Friuli hills bordering Slovenia.It is characterized by sedimentary deposits formed over the millennia, where layers of marl, sandstone and flysch make for a rich, complex substratum that invests the wines with great character. Shaped over the centuries by generations of wine-growers, the vine-clad hillsides are terraced to reduce erosion, ensure improved drainage and provide easier access. These lands gratify the palate with what they produce, but also the eye for their singular and constantly changing beauty. The particular nature of the terroir, a number of unique native grape varieties, a climate that lends itself to grape-growing and the devotion of generations of winemakers together explain the production of great white as well as red wines that continue to meet with widespread acclaim.


Constant attention is devoted to the vineyards, where innovative techniques are introduced once they have shown to be entirely effective, and regular monitoring aimed at protecting the environment. Over the past several years, the winery has been taking part in an integrated pest management project set up by the Friuli Eastern Hills consortium. Assisted by the use of sprayer recovery in the vineyards, the aim is to introduce measures that reduce the environmental impact of pesticides and enhance the quality of the grapes. Harvesting takes place once the grapes have reached exactly the right degree of ripeness, based on analyses of grape pulp, skin and seed. Entirely picked by hand, the grapes reach the cellars in optimal condition, such that the following stages of crushing, fermentation and ageing preserve and promote the particular characteristics of our wines.


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Sector: Agri-food production
Country: Italy
Address: Via Rocca Bernarda, 3
Zip: 33040
City: Corno di Rosazzo
Province: Udine
Phone: +39 0432 755835
Fax: +39 0432 753793

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