Masùt da Rive



Masùt da Rive is an exclusive wine Italian Maison. The name was chosen to represent Gallo Family around the world and its origin comes from the historic name used to call the Family one century ago. Since the early 1900s, down four vine-dresser generations, Masùt da Rive has reaped a centuries-old experience that express today its highest Made in Italy’s identity.
Fabrizio e Marco Gallo lead with passion and devotion the Maison Masùt da Rive preserving undamaged the traditions handed down from their father Silvano.

They love expand their knowledge of wines by studying the latest innovation of the sector, spending a lot of time for tours around the world collecting new Fabrizio and Marco Gallo lead with passion and dedication the Maison Masut da Rive by preserving intact the traditions handed down from their father Silvano. They like to extend their knowledge of wines made by studying the latest innovations in the field, traveling the world collecting new stories and organizing exclusive tastings.
The vineyards and the vinery are situated in Mariano del Friuli, a small rural town dipped in the plain along Isonzo, the generous river of water and minerals. Its name identifies the Protected Geographical Status Doc ISONZO of which Masut da Rive is part of.


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Sector: Agri-food production
Country: Italy
Address: Via Manzoni, 82
Zip: 34070
City: Mariano del Friuli
Province: Gorizia
Phone: +39 0481 69200
Fax: +39 0481 697414

Local seminars

Seminar Next edition Length
Masùt da Rive - scoperta economica - 2 h
Small business marketing - 3 h

International seminars

Seminar Circuit Next edition Length
Small business marketing Wine business and marketing in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region - 3 h