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Ausonia is a company worldwide famous for producing professional cutlery, scissors, tools for building, agriculture and gardening, and tools for steel manufacturing. Ausonia is a dynamic firm that takes care of the customers needs and is able to anticipate the market developments. It offers a wide range of up-to-date products, combining quality, price competitiveness and efficient distribution services.

Due to its productive capacity and quality of its products, Ausonia has become a reference point for many professionals and is reputed by the market to be a reliable, modern and qualified company.

Ausonia is present at the most important cutlery fairs and on the sector reviews. It can boast an established brand and a high corporate image, whose presence on the market is proved by the constant growing trend of sales. Ausonia has the quality certification for manufacturing processes and design, which guarantees to its products to meet all quality and safety requirements. For these reasons Ausonia has widespread its presence abroad, especially in the USA, France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic,  Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece,, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Sweden, Estonia.


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Sector: Production, processing and marketing of cutting tools, tools and equipment for home
Country: Italy
Address: Via Arba, 31
Zip: 33085
City: Maniago
Province: Pordenone
Phone: +39 0427 71251
Fax: +39 0427 700316

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A "steel-like reputation" Between flavours and knowledge. Maniago cutlery industry, an history of water, earth and fire. - 2 h