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Coltellerie Maserin started its production in 1960. We have kept the tradition of the artisan blacksmiths that gave Maniago its name as “city of the knives” becoming the world’s leader in the quality of its products. Through its constant growth, our company has been able to maintain the prestige of the classic knives made in Maniago unchanged using modern technologies (laser and CNC machines). This is evident in our company international recognition. Today, Maserin’s brand is a synonym of guaranteed quality and efficiency thanks to our 50 year experience in making knives, in looking for new technologies, unique materials and in giving special importance to design. We offer a wide range of products to our customers to satisfy any request from sports, outdoor to hunting or just for a valuable collection. We have respected the inherited tradition from the start that’s why we carefully check the quality of our products from concept through all phases of production. We can also give you personal solutions for any kind of request, both creating the entire knives in exclusivity and developing the specific components you need. We always thrive to give you our professionalism and our experience we have learnt trough the years. We insure the highest quality cutting tools and guarantee their utmost performances.
Our company has joined the “Maniago Quality System” which certifies origin, quality and cutting resistance of our  knives.


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Sector: Production and marketing of knives, sports, gift, collection, thumbnails and hunting
Country: Italy
Address: Via dei Fabbri, 19
Zip: 33085
City: Maniago
Province: Pordenone
Phone: +39 0427 71335
Fax: +39 0427 700690

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