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Go srl produces accessories for industrial doors and gates. Founded  in 2006 by the family  Dal Canton, it has achieved excellent results in few years. At first Go srl has specialized in manufacturing  accessories for sectional doors: in this area the company has specific know how, especially with regard to the optimization of each part of the product. Then the company decided to expand its production, by offering its customers also the finished product.


The production covers both industrial and residential sectors. Each product is the result of an accurate study and thorough implementation, carried out by a team of experienced designers and prepared assemblers. This commitment supports customers also with post-sales technical assistance activities.


An extremely short production chain together with a network of local suppliers allow total control over the product, guaranteeing absolute quality . Manufacturing and control activities take place every day in a factory of 10,000 square meters, equipped with the most sophisticated machinery the market offers, such as the automatic area for the assembly of the gate rails or the machinery employed for the manufacturing of aluminum profiles. These features have allowed to achieve higher quality standard in this production area.


GO srl focuses on innovation and unique solutions, often covered by a patent. GO srl  is certified according to ISO 9001 as a further guarantee of quality and professionalism.

Key aims of the company are design and implementation of new prototypes, continuous research of innovative solutions and achievement of higher safety standards, combined also with an attention to aesthetic features of products, in order to achieve a maximal result which satisfies both functionality and aesthetics.


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Sector: Metal and Mechanical
Country: Italy
Address: Z.I.Nord, Settore D62
Zip: 33097
City: Spilimbergo
Province: Pordenone
Phone: +39 0427 50681
Fax: +39 0427 926355
E-mail: go@go-italia.it

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