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Thought3D offers 3D modelling, 3D scanning and 3D printing services focused around Fused Filament Fabrication technology. The company offers customers prototypes that integrate moving parts and electronics, exhibition pieces that need a special shiny smooth finish, and also marketing gadgetry. Printing materials include a variety of thermo-plastics which come in a multitude of colours.


3D printing is an exciting technology promising to revolutionise many industries. Till know however, there has been a major problem with print adhesion and warping. This is even more apparent at the faster growing end of the spectrum. This is where desktop 3D printers lay. Thought3D promises to change that, with a specifically designed adhesive; MAGIGOO - a multiple award winning adhesive that has been tested by a number of 3D printing experts and industrial giants who all attest to the efficacy. MAGIGOO manages to make the 3D printing process significantly more reliable by keeping the 3D print firmly in place during the printing process, saving time and reducing material wastage. Apart from keeping the print stuck to the printing bed, MAGIGOO also releases the print for easy removal once the print is complete and the printing bed has cooled back down. MAGIGOO has also been designed to be easy to clean and does not contain any dangerous chemicals.


Sector: Manufacturing
Country: Malta
Address: KBIC, Level 2, Unit 2150 Kordin Industrial Estate
Zip: PLA3000
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Phone: +35699587397
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