The Fondazione Opera Sacra Famiglia, based in Pordenone, is an istitution of private law, non-profit, primarily pursues its statutory objectives in the field of continuing vocational training since the business started in 1945 and developed up to the Opera Sacra Famiglia Society of Mutual Aid, Education and Social Assistance of the Foundation is the natural evolution.

The corporate headquarters in Pordenone, is situated in a context of forty acres of land with 5 pavilions training installations, greenhouses, canteen, boarding, soccer fields and basketball courts, meeting rooms and a small airport for small airplanes. Facilities include several technical labs for vocational training.
Our staff consists of over 100 employees and many expert consultants.

The objectives of the Foundation are: the development of human resources, the intervention in the area of education, orientation, job placement assistance and business creation. This is achieved through training proposals adhering to the socio-economic system in which it operates in the areas of professional qualification, continuing education, distance training, international training and integration activities.
In addition, the focus on the education sector and welfare for youth of both sexes through the creation of an environment able to give positive feedback to those who are eager to combine work in the study.


Sector: Vocational training
Country: Italy
Address: Viale de la Comina 25
Zip: 33170
City: Pordenone
Province: Pordenone
Phone: +39 0434 361470
Fax: +39 0434 360233