Lean Experience Factory scarl

The Lean Experience Factory was founded by a consortium of partners who combine international experience, local roots and the most advanced expertise in the field of Lean manufacturing. Such experience has facilitated the adoption of an innovative model of know-how transfer and allowed a sustainable and long-lasting impact in the production processes.

The corporate structure (Unindustria Pordenone, McKinsey, Institutions) is emblematic of the union between international strategic vision and concrete closeness to the territory.


The mission is to provide in an innovative way theoretical and practical knowledge, best practices and practical tools, technical and organizational methodologies to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing. Lean Factory Experience belongs to the most advanced network of centers of excellence in Europe and in the World.


Together with the model factories in Darmstadt, Lyon, Monaco and Casablanca it shares not only a continuous exchange of successful experiences and innovative ideas, but also a constant dialogue with the world of best practices and recognized experts.

The headquarters of Pordenone provide access to know-how and technological and management innovation developed at universities and advanced research centers around the world.

In this way the 'know-how' is transferred with the best mix of traditional classroom tools and experiments in a real production environment. The advantage consists in the opportunity to experiment a real lean transformation in a protected environment, avoiding the risks of the real world.


How to find us:


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Sector: Metal and Mechanical
Country: Italy
Address: Via Casabianca n.3
Zip: 33078
City: San Vito al Tagliamento
Province: Pordenone
Phone: +39 0434 858756
Fax: +39 0434 857750

Local seminars

Seminar Next edition Length
Lean Awareness: first steps to manufacturing efficiency - 2 h
Lean Awareness: first steps to manufacturing efficiency - 4 h
Lean Experience Factory scarl - scoperta economica - 2 h

International seminars

Seminar Circuit Next edition Length
Lean Awareness: first steps to manufacturing efficiency Lean Production in Friuli VG - 4 h
Lean Awareness: first steps to manufacturing efficiency Come si modifica la manifattura: lean production in FVG - 2 h