The EAST FLANDERS-SCHELDEMOND GENT (ESF) AGENCY is a group of stakeholders and training providers managing the local network of training companies and the related catalogues and calendars of local seminars and international circuits in the EAST FLANDERS region and SCHELDEMOND crossborder area.


AGENCY activities are managed by a workgroup whose appointed members are:


Coordinator: Wim Keyngaert - VOKA
Operative coordinator: Bart Henssen - ODISEE
Labour market expert: Bart Henssen - ODISEE
Training expert: Elle De Kuyper - VOKA
Training expert: Karen Brabant - ODISEE
Secretary: Elle De Kuyper - VOKA

Secretary: Karen Brabant - ODISEE

Circuitos Internacionales

Circuito Sector
Corporate Social Responsibility in the Food Industry Food Industry
Evolution from a one (wo)man business to a multinational Food industry
Flanders and Brussels: big in the food industry! – Business related topics Food industry
Growth in Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands Food industry

Catálogos locales

Catálogo Circuitos Seminarios
Go&Learnet ODISEE 2 0


Sector: Local Network Maintenance Body
País: Bélgica
Dirección: Lammerstraat 18
C.A.P.: 9000
Ciudad: Gent
Provincia: -
Teléfono: 0032 9 266 14 64
Fax: 0032 9 266 14 41
correo electrónico: elle.dekuyper@voka.be


Las actuales asociaciones de LNMB se estructuran de la siguiente manera:

Partes Interesadas

grupos de Interés Nación
Voka - Chamber of Commerce East-Flanders BE

Entidades formativas

Entidad formativa nación
Odisee (HUB-KAHO) BE

Empresa anfitriona

Empresa anfitriona nación Sector
Barry-Callebaut BE Retail
Callas Confiture BE Food Sector
Carlsberg Importers BE Food Sector
Colruyt Group BE Food Sector
Colruyt Group - Logistics & Production BE Retail
Cortina Shoes BE Shoes
Decathlon Logistics BE Logistics
Deli Traiteur BE Food Sector
Eurobrokers BE Transport
Information and education center for glasshouse technology NL Growth
Infrabel BE Logistics
Infrabel BE Railway
Onze Lieve-Vrouw Ziekenhuis Aalst-Asse-Ninove BE Healthcare
Pidpa/ Hidrodoe BE Food Sector
Samsonite BE Luggage
SanoRice Belgium nv BE Food Sector
Sodexo BE Food Sector
Stop Spices BE Food Sector
Sylva-Van Hulle BE Growth