Lean Production in Friuli VG

This circuit provides a set of thematic seminars to the discovery of companies that have developed and managed, both in Italy and abroad, logistics, production and administrative systems based on a LEAN PRODUCTION approach.

The companies of this circuit are mostly located within the industrial and artisan area of Ponte Rosso in the municipality of San Vito al Tagliamento. They belong to the ZIPR Consortium (Zona Industriale  Ponte Rosso). In this area are located more than 120 companies with more than 3.000 employees.

Among these companies we find:



  • BROVEDANI GROUP, with more than 800 employees, consists of 6 companies located in Italy, Slovakia and Mexico. The management headquarters of the company are in San Vito al Tagliamento. Brovedani is a world leader in the sector of precision mechanics for business-to-business distribution and strategic supplier of big multinational companies like Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Delphi, Eaton, Magna, Magneti Marelli, Sanden, VCST.


  • LEAN EXPERIENCE FACTORY, is a model factory where it is possible to learn and experiment Lean methods. It has been developed by Unindustria Pordenone, together with McKinsey&Company, Confindustria Udine, Chamber of Commerci of Pordenone, Polo Tecnologico of Pordenone, Province of Pordenone and Keymec, with the support of Popolare Friuladria Bank, and the scientific partnership of the Universities of Trieste and Udine, Cuoa and University Consortium of Pordenone. Last year more than 230 national and international companies of various industrial sectors ( mechanics, pharmaceutical industry, semiconductors, shipbuilding and automotive) have found inspiration for new technological and productive solutions within the experimental area of the Lean Factory in order to improve their business performance.

There are also other companies outside the Consortium which apply lean methods for the management of production and business processes.


Among the involved companies we find:



  • MODULBLOK SPA, with manufacturing facilities in the province of Udine (Pagnacco and Amaro), operates on national and international markets and has been applying with success for a long time the lean production methods for Warehouse Logistics. The experience of the “lean reorganization” of its storage systems was the starting point to improve the whole production and distribution chain of the company.


  • PIETRO ROSA TBM was founded in Maniago in 1887 as a cutlery and agriculture tools manufacturer. Today Pietro Rosa TBM is a forging company operating as a world class supplier of gas turbines blades and vanes and steam turbine blades in the Aerospace and Power Generation sectors. Pietro Rosa TBM since 2006, investing in training and human resources, has gradually introduced the principles of Lean Manufacturing, redefining the flow and layout of the two new production sites.


  • SAVIO MACCHINE TESSILI SPA, with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Pordenone, is a leader in the yarn finishing machine sector, operating worldwide in the manufacturing and marketing of automatic winders, continuous shrinkage and bulking winders, two-for-one twisters, and rotor spinning frames with factories in Italy, China and India. It presents the  “lean transformation process” which led to the reorganization of the lay-out, the facilities and the materials procurement procedures.


  • SCM ZANUSSI was born in the late 60's as metalworking company specialized in the design and production of industrial machinery. Currently SCM Zanussi is a leading industry at European and International level within the reference mould makers for automotive industry. It has about 70 employees, has a mainly foreign export market and is considered first-level supplier by leading car manufacturers such as Daimler Mercedes, Volkswagen-Audi Group, GM, BMW, Renault, Volvo, as well as the most important foundries in Europe (Germany , Austria, Holland, France, Spain), and elsewhere (India, Brazil, North America).


  • TECNOGROUP SRL was founded in 1979 by Renzo Correzzola. It started as an authorized Bosch dealer of flexible automation systems for the Friuli Venezia Giulia and East-Veneto areas. In the 90s Tecnogroup opens to the Slovenian market. By the early twenty-first century the company adopted solutions and products based on lean manufacturing principles and methods, in order to support clients in the organization of the business management and production processes. Tecnogroup srl collaborates with LEANPRODUCTS SRL, which develops and sells components and solutions for the practical application of the concepts of Lean Thinking.


Ideal target groups for this circuit are Entrepreneurs and Managers of international companies that have started or intend to start a lean transformation project. The lean transformation project focuses on identifying and cutting out waste and inefficiency in order to achieve tangible results in a short time such as to become a source of competitive advantage.

The single parts of the circuit can be chosen according to the specific interests of the participants. It lasts three days, but it can be extended to five days, in case these thematic seminars are linked with other tourist-cultural discovery programs of the territory.


Maximum number of group components: 15
Cost: -

List of seminars

Seminar Company Length
An unaware approach to lean manufacturing SCM Zanussi 4 h
Application of the principles of lean production Modulblok 4 h
Lean Awareness: first steps to manufacturing efficiency Lean Experience Factory scarl 4 h
Lean implementation Pietro Rosa TBM 4 h
Lean production: lay-out reorganization Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.a. 4 h
Maintenance services in organization applying lean production models Modulblok 4 h
The evolution of the industrial automation in the precision mechanics: from automation to lean production Tecnogroup srl/LeanProducts srl 4 h
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): how this application works within the company organization Brovedani Group 4 h

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