Sauris Agri Beer S.a.s. di Sandro Petris & C.



The Sauris Agree Beer is a company formed in 1999 in Sauris di Sopra. Production started in a converted shed used by the brothers Petris for previous activities. In the last ten years the company implemented high technological facilities, put together a competent staff of technicians and created an efficient sales network, developing a know-how to brew special beers.

The company was created by the brothers Petris, who previously were engaged in other business activities. As they were united by a common interest for this product, they decided to believe and invest in this business project. They had the intention to create a successful company able to foster employment and economic development of this small village, placed in the Carnia region at 1400 mt. above sea level, giving its inhabitants the opportunity to live and work in their own valley.

The choice of producing beer is derived, as well as from their passion for beer, also from the excellent physical and chemical characteristics of the water that comes from Sauris's cool and sparkling spring. Sauris Agri Beer produces four different types of beer, as well as other varieties for special occasions.


Starting with the early years with an annual production of 800 hl, nowadays the brewery reaches an annual production of about  2.500 hl. Today there are 6 employees who work in the company.


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Sector: Agri-food production
Country: Italy
Address: Sauris di Sopra, 50
Zip: 33020
City: Sauris
Province: Udine
Phone: +39 0433 866314
Fax: +39 0433 866314

Local seminars

Seminar Next edition Length
Sauris Agri Beer S.a.s. di Sandro Petris & C. - scoperta economica - 2 h
Wholegrain Beer of Sauris - 2 h
Wholegrain Beer of Sauris - 2 h

International seminars

Seminar Circuit Next edition Length
Wholegrain Beer of Sauris Valorization of territory, culture and local agro-food production - 2 h
Wholegrain Beer of Sauris Valorization of the territory, culture and agro-food production of the FVG region - 2 h