Precision mechanics in Friuli VG

This circuit provides a set of thematic seminars to the discovery of companies which use high technology to develop innovative products in the precision mechanics sector.


The companies of this circuit are located within the province of Pordenone, which boasts a long traditional in the mechanics sector, most of them belonging to the Heating Engineering and Components District (COMET).

The presence of the District in the circuit is essential. The District is a reference point of all companies of this sector. It promotes and transfers technical knowledge and organizational competencies, quality management and design skills, and energy efficiency solutions, to all the companies of the area. It favours joint projects among local enterprises and research centres.



The District has a strong collaboration with the following companies of the circuit, which are also partners of the district:

SCM ZANUSSI was born in the late 60's as metalworking company specialized in the design and production of industrial machinery. Currently SCM Zanussi is a leading industry at European and International level within the reference mould makers for automotive industry. It has about 70 employees, has a mainly foreign export market and is considered first-level supplier by leading car manufacturers such as Daimler Mercedes, Volkswagen-Audi Group, GM, BMW, Renault, Volvo, as well as the most important foundries in Europe (Germany , Austria, Holland, France, Spain), and elsewhere (India, Brazil, North America).


TECNOGROUP SRL was founded in 1979 by Renzo Correzzola. It started as an authorized Bosch dealer of flexible automation systems for the Friuli Venezia Giulia and East-Veneto areas. In the 90s Tecnogroup opens to the Slovenian market. By the early twenty-first century the company adopted solutions and products based on lean manufacturing principles and methods, in order to support clients in the organization of the business management and production processes. Tecnogroup srl collaborates with LEANPRODUCTS SRL, which develops and sells components and solutions for the practical application of the concepts of Lean Thinking.



The circuit includes a visit to another important company of this area, ALTIA SPA, a French company operating worldwide in the automotive sector. Altia Fontanafredda is the center of expertise for the Group Altia relatively to cold pressing: the process of plastic deformation of a metal (steel, copper, aluminum) at room temperature. This type of technology allows to produce finished parts with high productivity (up to 80 pcs minute).


The circuit ends with the visit to company and to a research centre located in the heart of the district, in the industrial area of Ponte Rosso in the municipality of San Vito al Tagliamento:

SAVIOTECH SRL is a dynamic enterprise with a considerable expertise in mould designing and manufacturing and in plastic, thermoplastic, thermosetting and silicone materials moulding. The strength of SAVIOTECH is the special focus placed on research and development. SAVIOTECH skills can be used in the study and in the manufacturing of components in the field of textile machines, machine-tools, electronic and electromechanical control installations, equipment for cooking units and large capacity cooking units, automatic vending machines for foodstuff and beverages.


KEYMEC, Mechanics Innovation, Research and Training Centre, is  a reference point for more than 130 local companies. Keymec, through its research and training activities take the companies, mainly of mechanical sector, to a growing and technological development process. The visit will present the tight correlation of applied research, investment in technology and experimentation with real production processes.

Ideal target groups for this circuit are entrepreneurs, managers and  production managers of international companies who want to confront with local enterprises that have been able through research to develop and transfer new  product and process technologies to the rest of the local economic tissue, favouring the internationalization of many local companies like the GO srl company.


The circuit lasts three days, but it can be extended to five days, in case these thematic seminars are linked to other tourist-cultural discovery programs of the territory.

Maximum number of group components: 12
Cost: -

List of seminars

Seminar Company Length
An unaware approach to lean manufacturing SCM Zanussi 4 h
Cold pressing: solutions to reduce costs FCF Fontanafredda Cold Forging Srl 3 h
From design to product process GO S.r.l. 2 h
Industrial districts between continuity and change ASDI COMET scrl 2 h
The evolution of mould manufacturing SCM Zanussi 3 h
The evolution of the industrial automation in the precision mechanics: from automation to lean production Tecnogroup srl/LeanProducts srl 4 h
The transformation of the thermosetting polymer in pellets Saviotech srl 3 h

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